Try These Nutritiously Yummy Snacks for Physically Active Kids Try These Nutritiously Yummy Snacks for Physically Active Kids


4 Nutritiously Yummy Snack Ideas


Balanced nutrition can be tasty and fun

You might have heard it a million times before, but that doesn’t make it any less valid. Food is fuel. Eating full meals and snacks throughout the day keeps kids satisfied and energized both physically and mentally. But it’s not just about eating anything—choosing the right type of food is very important. A good meal or a nutritious snack should have an energizing source of carbohydrates, a satiating source of protein, and lots of vitamins and minerals through fruits and vegetables to keep you going throughout the day.

It might seem like a lot to think about, but it’s pretty easy once you know what types of snacks to combine. Add in a nourishing glass of MILO with milk, malt barley, and energy-releasing nutrients such as Iron and B Vitamins.

Below are some MILO and snack pairings that are not only nutritious but are tasty, too:

Frothy Hot MILO and Mini Kalabasa Muffins 

A great day starts with a healthily breakfast—like these Mini Kalabasa Muffins with a Frothy Hot MILO. A warm drink like the Frothy Hot MILO is not only a soothing drink to have in the morning, but it’s also packed with protomalt and other essential minerals that will keep kids energized throughout their busy day. Kalabasa or squash, on the other hand, adds natural sugars, fiber, and vitamins A and C to these delectable muffins.

To add a layer of foam to MILO, put it in a blender with water and add a little milk. A mug of Frothy Hot MILO makes the perfect partner for your Mini Kalabasa Muffins. It is fiber-rich since it contains malt derived from barley, is protein-packed with milk as a number one ingredient, and energizing with vitamins and minerals.


MILO Cold Mix and Cucumber Chicken Salad Sandwich 

Want a healthy snack idea? A simple yet protein-packed chicken salad sandwich with chicken chunks and mayonnaise can be elevated, thanks to cucumber. The cucumber not only provides a contrasting crunch to the creamy chicken salad, but it’s also a great source of fiber. You can even boost the fiber content of this snack by using whole-wheat bread. Pair these sandwiches with a refreshing MILO Cold Mix for the perfect study treat—thanks to energizing protomalt, kids get a power boost for the rest of their afternoon playtime.


MILO Dinosaur and Crispy Kamote Chips

The next time you decide to have a snack after some exercise or sports, swap your usual chips for homemade Crispy Kamote Chips that you can either pan-fry or air-fry. Kamote or sweet potato is a good source of carbohydrates and fiber. It has beta-carotene, which the body turns into vitamin A. Get more essential minerals like iron and vitamin B complex–and make snack time fun–by pairing your chips with a MILO Dinosaur.


MILO Milkshake and Fluffy Pancakes 

After a long day at school, kids come home hungry and looking for something tasty and filling. There’s nothing wrong with indulging their sweet tooth every so often as long as they get sufficient vitamins and minerals. So, on their next after-school snack break, try these yummy Fluffy Pancakes with MILO Milkshake. You don’t even need to make pancakes from scratch—all you need is your trusty pancake mix. Just follow package instructions. Don’t forget to add a drizzle of honey, maple syrup, or chocolate syrup. You can eat the pancakes with your choice of fruits like mangoes or bananas on the side, or a spread– peanut butter or chocolate hazelnut will do. Pair your pancakes with a cool MILO Milkshake for an extra energy boost!

For kids to keep up with a physically and mentally active lifestyle, it’s important to nourish them with the right kinds of food. Choose food with all the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Making healthy snacks for your kids can be easy, and just because they’re nutritious doesn’t mean they can’t be tasty. Keep making these easy, healthy snacks paired with MILO so kids will have enough energy to grow healthy and become champions.

Need more snack ideas? Check out the MILO website for healthy snack recipes.