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milo champion athletes banner in green


From small beginnings came a brand that set the stage for timeless champions.

This is the MILO® heritage.





MILO® is launched in the Philippines.
FUN FACT: MILO was named after the Olympic wrestler "Milon" of Croton


MILO® hold the first-ever MILO® Marathon
FUN FACT: Over 3.5 Million runners have crossed the finish line at the MILO® Marathon since its launch.
milo national marathon history


MILO® promotes sports values throuugh the launch of MILO® Sports Clinics
FUN FACT: Starting with Basketball and Swimming classes, MILO® Sports Clinics has grown to include over 21 sports!
milo sports clinic with young kid athletes


MILO® uplifts school sports competitions with the MILO® Little Olympics
FUN FACT: The MILO® Little Olympics is the country's biggest inter-school junior sports competition with almost 400,000 student athletes since 1988
milo little olympics 1988 artwork drawing to real milo champion athletes


MILO® rallies the nation as the official drink of the 30th SEA Games held in the Philippines
milo 1991 30th sea games


MILO® builds a nation of young champions with MILO® Champ Camp
FUN FACT: Did you know that over 17 Million students from thousands of schools have participated in this nationwide school tour?
milo 2004 champ camp with 17 million students


MILO® helps jumpstart dreams with the Help Give Shoes Advocacy
FUN FACT: Did you know that over 90,000 deserving students have received a pair of running shoes to help pursue their champion aspirations?
milo helps gives shoes in 2010


MILO® celebrates 50 years of building champions
FUN FACT: Did you know that 6-time National MILO® Marathon Queen, Mary Joy Tabal is the first marathoner to qualify in the Olympics?
milo 50 years in 2014


MILO® brings sports closer to families with MILO® Barangay Liga
FUN FACT: Did you know that by having partner barangays in North Luzon up to South Mindanao, the MILO® Brgy. Liga court has reached Filipinos all over the country up to the farthest ends of the Philippines?
milo barangay liga in 2018


MILO® helps kids continue their champion journeys at home with the MILO HOMECOURT
FUN FACT: Did you know that over 40,000 students have signed up for online traning sessions since its launch?
milo champion journey sports at home for kids in 2020