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Under normal circumstances, school can be challenging for children. Mix that with the whirlwind of changes that happened to the educational system throughout the pandemic and you’ll get children who are less excited and less motivated to learn, and seemingly lack the energy for school work. As a parent, you can give them MILO to help boost energy levels. 

Don’t worry, there are things that you, as a parent, can do to help them stay focused on learning and cope with their school work. Check out the following tips that will help keep your child motivated for school.

Create a nurturing atmosphere for learning at home

The first thing you can do to help motivate your child is to have a nurturing atmosphere that is conducive to learning at home. Set aside a part of your house for school work where there are no distractions. These distractions are not only in the form of gadgets or screens but can also be noise, toys, or pets wanting to play with them. Ensure that this study corner is secure from these distractions so that your children can do their school work in peace.

Show your child that you value education

The most obvious way to demonstrate you value education is by making sure that your child is present during school time–whether it’s face-to-face or via online classes. 

Also, be supportive when it comes to their schooling. This goes beyond providing them with materials for their projects and homework or allowing them to join school trips. Being supportive also means helping them research and assisting them with schoolwork, asking them how their day in school was, and taking educational trips with them to the library, museum, or botanical garden.

Create a structure that your child can follow

Think about your workplace—performance and productivity falls when there is no structure, right? The same goes for your child in school. If their grades start dropping or they lose focus, it might be because they’re overwhelmed by the lack of a coherent study structure. You can help stem this by creating a system for your kids.

Institute a schedule when they get home by setting a certain number of hours for schoolwork. Make sure that you eliminate all kinds of distractions during this time. This includes all kinds of electronics and toys.

Remember to emphasize to your child that they are not being punished; you are simply helping them maintain their focus.

Reward your child the right way

Make your child feel positive about school accomplishments by rewarding them. Praising them for their achievements at the same time acknowledging their efforts will go a long way in reinforcing the idea that winning is not the most important part of life, and the effort they put into it and the progress they attain are as valuable.

As for rewards, always remember that your time and attention are two of your kids’ most valuable commodities. They would cherish any amount of time they could spend with you, more so as a reward for their accomplishments. Take your child to the park, watch a movie with them, or buy them their favorite treats. You can also give them additional screen time provided they are already finished with their homework and chores.

Encourage them to join extracurricular activities

Being a part of a club or team in school can further motivate your children. Opportunities to meet and interact with newfound friends will help encourage kids to join activities and attend classes. The feeling of belonging is rewarding, and taking part in extracurricular activities could also provide opportunities to develop leadership and social skills.

Also, extracurricular activities that are physical in nature can help your children become healthier as these encourage kids to exercise and train regularly.

Make sure they get sufficient and balanced nutrition

While energy does not equal motivation, children might not be motivated to do much if they are not adequately nourished. It is important for kids to access nutrition that meets their energy and growth needs. Making sure that they are eating healthy, sleeping at least eight hours a day, and getting the nutrients they need will go a long way in starting them up for the day and conditioning them for school.

Giving your child a glass of MILO every day can take care of the nutrients they need to stay energized. MILO is an excellent source of milk, which contains protein and calcium for your child’s growth, Protomalt, B-Vitamins, and Iron for energy. Your kids need energy for school, and energy for studying.

Letting children feel that you support them is already half the battle. With the tips above, you can help them stay motivated and inspired to do well in school.