How Growing Up with MILO Taught Us to Raise Champion Kids How Growing Up with MILO Taught Us to Raise Champion Kids

How Growing Up with MILO® Taught Us to Raise Champion Kids 

Remember the sound of a rooster crowing, waking you up on a Monday morning? And then, you hear the morning news cackling on the radio as your mom prepares your breakfast and baon for school. You sit at the table, where you are greeted by a nutritious and healthy breakfast: pan de sal, scrambled eggs, a few slices of fruit, and a hot cup of MILO®. Finally, you’re ready for school–ready to face the world. 
That’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane that ignites precious childhood memories. And now, as parents who aspire to be role models to their kids, we’d like to provide them with the same heartwarming and precious experiences, along with the lessons we learned growing up. We want only the best for our kids, and we will stop at nothing to provide them with what they need. 

From sports Champs to Champions in life 
Many former Filipina athletes have become Champion parents, with their own little MILO® Champs. More than the awards and recognition they received at the peak of their career, they proudly wear the lessons and experiences they learned through sports, which helped mold them into the inspiring role models they are today. They teach the same sports values they have learned to their kids. 
The key to winning isn’t practice and training alone; one must have unwavering grit, a burning passion, and the relentless determination to succeed not only in sports but also in life. When former athletes engaged in sports activities and joined sports clinics like MILO® Best, they didn’t just learn the fundamentals of their chosen sport and become female athlete role models. The sports benefits are more than that. The experience helped build their character and social skills. On one end, they became fiercely competitive; on the other, these inspiring athletes learned to build connections and foster friendships. 

Sports as a great teacher 
As kids, we were always excited to line up and get free cold MILO® from the MILO® van after joining their sports programs. Such an experience is indeed nostalgic, but looking back, we never realized how it taught us patience and discipline. MILO® also encouraged us to participate in physical activities and sports that promote physical, social, and mental growth. 

Our experiences in life not only gift us with precious memories; they can leave a lasting impact on our personal development, too. On many occasions, experiences involving sports prove to be the best teacher. 

Sports is not just about harnessing strength or improving physical growth. It also teaches essential life lessons. A winning formula for raising a future Champion combines the following: active engagement in activities and competitions, valuable life experiences, a strong personality, and proper nutrition. 
And speaking of proper nutrition, giving your child a glass of MILO® every day can provide the nutrients they need to stay energized. MILO® is an excellent source of protein and calcium for your child’s growth, protomalt, Vitamins B2, B3, B6, and B12, and iron for energy. And when our child is strong and healthy, they are better equipped to face bigger challenges. 
For many of us, MILO® was part of growing up. Growing up with MILO® not only gave us the nutritious energy we needed every day; it also left us with memories to cherish, and lessons to remember. And now, as parents, we want our kids to have the same advantage and the same MILO® benefits, too.