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How Nutrition Helps Unlock Your Kid's Full Potential | MILO®

The period from 5 to 15 years old is critical to enable the child to get his/her full potential. As your child turns five, he/she is on the road to becoming a grown-up, and the next 10 years are nothing short of life forming.

Ages five to nine are particularly important when it comes to brain formation, and from 10 to 15, the amount of growth and change that will be taking place in your child's body is significant. We call this 10-year period “The Transformative 10,” as children experience significant transformations in their bodies, brains, and behaviors.

Nutrition has Transformative Power

Nutrition can be the unsung hero to fuel transformation throughout these 10 years, establishing healthy lives into the future. From age 5 to 15, boys and girls have very specific nutritional needs to power their transformation. Their development is very sensitive to what they eat, and every day, every nutritional choice counts.

  • Brain: Make sure crucial nutrients that contribute to brain development and cognition like iron and vitamin B12 are in your child’s diet. 
  • Body: As puberty arrives and your child continues to grow rapidly, the combination of a balanced diet and physical activity is important. His/her food intake should refuel, energize, and help build their bodies. Some key nutrients to keep in mind are calcium, vitamin D, and protein.
  • Behavior: Habits are being formed as your child gets more say in what and when he/she eats. Provide him/her with culinary experiences that can inform his/her choices.

How Can MILO Help Support This Transformation? 

Adequate intake of energy and nutrients is key to support the changes that take place throughout the Transformative 10. One serving of MILO® provides a source of 6 vitamins (vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D) and 3 minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus), which are key nutrients essential in powering his/her transformation. 

Give your child a cup of delicious MILO® twice a day enabling him/her to reach their potential and win every day!