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Why Your Kids Should Never Be Skipping Breakfast | MILO® Philippines

Skipping breakfast is still a matter of discussion. Many consider it to be the lack of food consumption before lunch, which is at around 11:00 AM, or when you have an inadequate meal with less than 100 kcal in the morning.

A healthy breakfast not only acts as an energy replenishment, but also provides many other benefits for your child. A nutritious breakfast helps your child to stay focused and alert throughout his/her morning, while breakfast skipping likely leads to a negative impact on cognitive performance that increases in magnitude over time.

Breakfast also plays an important role as a family ritual that provides a routine and structure, giving children a sense of stability and security important for emotional development.


What Does a Balanced Breakfast Look Like? 

Breakfast is often referred to as one of the most important meals of the day, helping to kick-start metabolism and refuel the body with energy and essential nutrients. Having the right breakfast plays a large role in providing the essential nutrients that the body needs to support your child’s daily activities. It should include one portion of the following food groups: fruits and vegetables, protein, and cereals.  


Our Tip to Complete a Nutritious Breakfast 

Providing your child with a nutritious breakfast can require a lot of preparation. Making sure all the right nutrition is incorporated in the meal might not be an easy task.

MILO® contributes to breakfast essential nutrients to support your child’s development. The recipe has been specially designed to deliver the goodness of milk with a unique malt extract Protomalt®, along with 6 vitamins and 3 minerals, to promote effective energy release in your child’s body and to support your child’s cognitive development, immune function, and growth..

That’s why a glass of MILO® is the perfect way to complete a nutritious breakfast for your child.