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MILO® Achieves Plastic Neutrality | MILO® CSR | MILO® Philippines

Nestlé, the maker of MILO®, has achieved plastic neutrality since August 2020 and has since collected and processed 27,000 tons of plastic waste as part of its KASAMBUHAY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT  initiative. This means that for every pack of MILO® that consumers enjoy, the company collects and processes an equivalent amount of plastic waste.

With the vision of a waste-free future, MILO® believes that a healthy and greener environment starts by championing the right behavior towards waste management through education. In this regard, consumers are called upon to contribute in its cause of keeping plastics away from landfills and oceans.

In April 2018, Nestlé and its brands including MILO® committed to make their packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. In addition, targets to reduce the use of virgin plastics by one-third.

Nestlé Philippines is the first multinational fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company in the country to become plastic neutral. Its other pioneering efforts include shifting from plastic to paper straws for its locally-manufactured ready-to-drink products, and rolling out solid waste management education modules in thousands of public schools nationwide.

Aside from being the Kasambuhay of athletes, MILO® as a Kasambuhay for the environment has piloted the use of paper bands to hold its packaging together as seen in supermarkets nowadays. For MILO® ready-to-drink products, these now come with paper straws. These initiatives are efforts to reduce the use of plastic.

 To learn more about other plastic initiatives of the company: visit this link: Tackling the plastics challenge | Nestlé Philippines

Plastic Neutrality

Plastic Neutrality


MILO® believes that we can do more together as a kasambuhay for the environment. Here are three simple ways you can contribute like a champ: 

Collect soft plastic wastes such as sachets, wrappers, plastic bags, and cling wraps
Bring the collected plastic waste to the plastic collection points that may include junk shops, malls, condominiums, and select NGOs. We have put together a list of plastic collection points, visit here: rplr.co/PlasticDropMap
Spread awareness and share information to your friends and family on how they too can contribute to the cause.

It takes a nation of champions to make a lasting impact on the environment. Help out the members of your community and help us grow our reach by sharing information on plastic collection points around your area via this link: rplr.co/PlasticDropPH

Let’s do more together towards building a greener and better community!


To learn more about how Nestlé is a Kasambuhay for Good, visit: :https://www.nestle.com.ph