Give your child a fun and active summer while helping them develop character-forming values through the MILO® Summer Sports Clinics.

Now on its 37th year, the MILO® Summer Sports Clinics will teach participants the fundamentals of popular sports and values such as discipline, confidence, and teamwork to help them become more well-rounded individuals. The program now offers 21 different sports programs handled by expert coaches and notable sports organizations. Each program is developed with a scientific and modern approach, making each training session fun and safe for kids of different ages and skill levels.

Get your child into sports, and enroll them at the MILO® Summer Sports Clinics for an unforgettable summer! Follow the steps below, and let’s #BuildChampions together!




Also known as Kali or Eskrima, Arnis is considered the national sport of the Philippines. Debuting in the MILO® Summer Sports Clinics this year, the sport is considered an effective form of self-defense that relies on quick thinking and body coordination. Enroll your child in this unique program for a memorable experience that can teach him self-control and respect for others.



Beyond hard work and agility, your child can also learn about discipline and teamwork on the Badminton court. Let the coaches of the Asuncion Badminton Center teach your champ how to rule the court in this competitive indoor sport.



Established in 1978 by Nic Jorge, the MILO® BEST has helped train champions on the fundamentals of basketball with a scientific and modern approach. Notable graduates of the program are Benjie Paras, Chris Tiu, Kiefer Ravena, Thirdy Ravena, and brothers Juan and Javi Gomez de Liano. Enroll your child at the country’s best basketball clinic so he can enjoy the country’s number one sport. As they train in different levels and master specific skills, they will learn important values like discipline, self-confidence, and teamwork.



Discipline, dedication, and precision are key elements in this strategic target sport. With the help of SM Bowling Center, your child can have a fun and challenging summer. Let your child learn how to hit strikes like a champion.



Precision, concentration, and problem solving skills make good chess players. Let two-time Olympian and Women’s National Master Mila Emperado of the Metropolitan Chess Center guide your child in this 24-year winning program that has produced notable alumni including the current world number 2 grandmaster Wesley So, grandmaster John Paul Gomez, and international master Marie Joseph Toquesa.



Precise strikes and hits are the result of patient calculation, strategic thinking, and respect for others. Let your child learn from this quick and graceful sport under the guidance of the Philippine Fencing Association, which has trained champions like Walbert Mendoza and Maxine Esteban.



In partnership with four distinguished Football organizations - Team Socceroo, the Ateneo Football Club, First Companion's Football Club, and Sparta Philippines - the MILO® summer football clinic can teach your child the values of discipline, teamwork, resilience, and humility to achieve a common goal. With these values, your child will work harder to chase after their dreams and become champions for life.



Introduce your child to this indoor variation of football that develops agility, teamwork, and quick thinking. The MILO® summer futsal clinic, with the guidance of then national team coach Red Avelino from the Philippine Futsal Academy, can give your champion a fun challenge to master this summer



It takes concentration, precision, and patience to perfectly swing a golf club. Let your child learn and enjoy this growing popular sport as he trains with the coaches of the Golfmix Professional at the MILO’s summer golf clinic.



It takes discipline to perfect movement, determination to strengthen form, and self-confidence to compete on and off the mat. Nurture your child’s potential with the help of Club Gymnastica, so your champion can give electrifying performances like previous MILO® gymnastics sports clinic alumnae and champions Bea Lucero, Kaitlyn De Guzman, and Sam Dominguez.



What better way to spend this summer than to glide across the ice? Let the expert coaches of SM Skating help develop your champ’s confidence and determination. Your child can gain the same foundation skills as Olympian Michael Martinez and six-time National Figure Skating Champion Sofia Guidote, notable alumni of the MILO® summer ice skating clinic.



In partnership with the Association of the Advancement of Karatedo, the MILO® summer karate clinic was founded by Manuel Veguillas, and has produced disciplined individuals that have gone on to succeed in different professions. Just like medalist Raymund Akira Sanvictores and Sakura Alforte, let your child train like a champion and face life’s challenges in fighting form.



A sport born in the streets, parkour teaches proper body and mind coordination, efficiency, creativity, and self-confidence. On its 3rd year of partnership with the MILO® Summer Sports Clinics, the Ninja Academy can train your child to become a top-performing athlete by helping him maneuver through different obstacles.



Swimming teaches kids to set goals and be persistent in reaching them. With the expert guidance of former Olympian Ral Rosario, your child can learn proper swimming techniques and the right mindset to step out of his comfort zone or beat his personal best.



Considered a major competitive sport, Table Tennis can teach your child discipline, concentration, and precision. Together with the Altruists Table Tennis Association of Bacolod, Inc., the MILO® summer table tennis clinic will show your kid the fundamentals of the sport through fun exercises and exciting challenges.



More than learning about self-defense, taekwondo can teach your child self-control, discipline, and humility. This summer, let him train with the Philippine Taekwondo Association, a longtime partner of the MILO®Summer Sports Clinics that has coached the country’s SEA Games athletes like alumni and champions Japoy Lizardo and Bea Lucero.



With former NCAA San Beda University coach Jovy Mamawal’s guidance, your child can learn to trust his own judgement through tennis. This challenging sport relies on instinct more than strength, and can help your child solve problems and adjust to challenges that come his way.



Rugby can build your child’s character and discipline on and off the field. With the help of coach Jovan Masalunga of the Philippine Rugby Football Union, your champion will not only develop speed, agility, and endurance, but also teach them the importance of teamwork. A sport popular with boys and girls, notable alumni include the Philippine Volcanoes, Janelle Madrona, Lito Ramirez, and Agot Danton.



Debuting this year in the MILO® Summer Sports Clinics, Ultimate Frisbee celebrates the spirit of sportsmanship. The only self-officiated sport in the program, players of the Philippine Ultimate National Team and the Philippine Flying Disc Association can teach your champ about honesty and integrity.



Thanks to UAAP standouts and MILO® SSC alumnae Princess Gaiser and Isa Molde, volleyball has grabbed the attention of the country. Founded by Nic Jorge, the MILO® summer volleyball clinic can help train your child to acquire the proper skills in this competitive sport, along with the values of discipline, confidence, and teamwork that your champion can take beyond the court.



Debuting in the MILO® Summer Sports Clinics this year, Wushu is considered a modern form of martial arts. It mixes controlled movement and quick explosive power, and instills the values of focus and discipline. Enroll your child in the Wushu program where he can be trained in multiple self-defense styles and techniques for an unforgettable summer.



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