Give your kids the energy they need.

Your kids have such a long day ahead filled with play and school. So that's why your kids need something that fills them with enough energy. The kind that helps them hit the ground running from breakfast time onwards.

So how about a great breakfast with a cup or mug full of new MILO® with ACTIV-GO™?

What goes into your kids' breakfast affects the rest of their day. That's why new MILO® with ACTIV-GO™ hits the spot. Because in every sip of new MILO® with ACTIV-GO™, they get not only the delicious and nutritious goodness of malt, milk and cocoa, they also get:

  • The energy-giving carbohydrates from Protomalt, for physical and mental activity. The body can also store these carbs as glycogen for recovery.
  • Vitamins B2, B3, B6, B12 and Iron that help release the energy from Protomalt and other foods we eat.
  • Vitamin D and Calcium that promote muscle function.
  • Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamins D and C that help maintain strong bones

So what's in a mug of new MILO® with ACTIV-GO™? The kind of energy your kids need to get ready for a great day ahead.

So fill their breakfast with a good mug of new MILO® with ACTIV-GO™, and let them have a great day every day.