Kids today are busier than ever.

Here's how new MILO® with ACTIV-GO® can help you keep up in raising champs.



1. More activities, more energy needed

With school and sports, they need energy for body and mind. Give them what they need with new MILO® with ACTIV-GO®


2. Get nutritious goodness

MILO® is made up with the goodness of malt, milk, and cocoa, making it a nutritious champion choice for breakfast.


3. Wake up to a delicious morning

With MILO® with ACTIV-GO®, nutritious can be delicious. Its great CHOCOMALTEE taste is a wonderful way to wake your kids up for the day ahead.

Be a champion mom today! Fuel your champ with new MILO® with ACTIV-GO® and help him be part of the new breed of champions.