16 October 2017

MILO is as committed as ever to sending the five children -- Lien Dale Manuel, Lara Angela Amante Regarde, Liam Arc Villaran, Heaven Andrei Teodisio, and Alexis Caitlin Tan -- to the MILO Training Camp in Barcelona, Spain as part of the MILO Philippine delegation in 2018.

The five young and talented football players were slated to participate in the MILO Training Camp in Barcelona, Spain this October 2017; however, due to issues with visa requirements, they will be unable to join this year’s delegation. The children, their parents, and their legal guardians have been duly informed.

MILO has explored all possible avenues to facilitate the processing of the children’s visas through the Spanish Consulate, but we have to respect the rules of the Embassy of Spain, who advised us that they cannot grant exceptions to the scheduling, processing and approval of visa applications unless it is for extraordinary circumstances such as matters of life and death or national security.

We would like to thank our partners, the Philippine Football Federation and the Philippine Sports Commission, for helping facilitate the processing of the children’s passports, most especially those of Lien Dale Manuel and Lara Angela Amante Regarde of Tondo FC which, unfortunately, experienced some delays due to personal factors beyond MILO’s control.

This early, MILO has already forged an agreement with FC Barcelona for the participation of these five kids in the 2018 MILO Training Camp in Barcelona, Spain. We remain very much committed to fulfill our promise to these five children so they will be able to realize their dream of experiencing world-class football and hopefully, inspire other children to also do their very best and reach for their dreams.